Institutes. When the Institutes of Justinian are cited, the citation is made thus; Inst. 4, 2, 1; or Inst. lib. 4, tit. 2, l. 1; to signify In stutues, book 4, tit. 2, law 1. Coke's Institutes are cited, the first, either Col Lit. or 1 Inst., and the others 2 Inst., 3 Inst., and 4 Inst.

Coke on Littleton, is cited Co. Lit. or 1 Inst., for First Institute. Coke's magna Charta, is cited Co. M.C. or 2 Inst., for Second Institute. Co. P. C. Coke's Pleas of the Crown, is cited 3 Inst., for Third Institute. Co. on Courts. Coke on Courts, is cited 4 Inst., for Fourth Institute.